Client Testimonials

Marco Götz
Position: Senior Software Engineer Zebra Technologies

“The training sessions were always tailored to suit my needs and helped to quickly improve my business English.
Every lesson was interesting, useful and fun.
I fully recommend this training to anyone who wants tailored support and dedicated attention.”

Axel Strohmeier
Service Manager at proveo AG

“The training was very effective as the trainer understood how to adapt the course to my needs and requirements. She also made it fun so that learning was motivating.”

Daniel Roth
Chief Technical Officer at Locatec Ortungstechnik GmbH

“The training with Ildiko has helped me a lot to develop my English for my business life. I like her teaching style.”

Herbert Hahnenkamp Managing Director Ishida GmbH

“Mrs Biro understood the task very quickly and works with focus. It’s so much more than just a language course. The investment is very efficient and delivers results every day!”

Andrea Schön
IT Support
Bott GmbH&Co.KG

“The lessons are always varied and instructive. The focus of the training session is precisely tailored to my needs. The teacher’s friendly nature makes learning enjoyable.”

Karin Lahres
Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall

“The training not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Ildiko’s style of teaching is very effective. She also knows how to create an atmosphere that is both relaxed and motivating. I was able to make real progress. I also want to highlight the systematic and efficient exam preparation.”

Ramona Rössler
Second IT Store GmbH

“I am very satisfied with your teaching. All my expectations have been met. Your relaxed and direct style made it easy for me to overcome my shyness. I really want to continue with you because you know exactly what my requirements are. With your support I can cover precisely what I need. I’m looking forward to working with you again soon.”

Ulrich Kraft
Head of Hardware Production Gerhard Schubert GmbH

“My expectations have always been fulfilled to my fullest satisfaction. The lessons were always suitable and my current situation and needs were always discussed.”

Tobias Stanke Strategic Purchasing Bott GmbH & Co.KG

“Ildiko is a professional and friendly teacher. I truly enjoyed working with her and would like to use this opportunity to thank her. Learning with her was very interesting and enjoyable. Working with her has helped me in my daily work and significantly helped improve my English skills.”

Marcel Wurst Product Manager Bott GmbH & Co.KG

“The training is very helpful for the daily business. Ildiko makes a special lesson for my wishes. Very good job :-)”

Key Account Manager Bott GmbH & Co.KG

“The training helped me in my daily work where I have to communicate a lot by email, phone and face to face. Beside the benefit I had from the weekly training, the lessons are always interesting and enjoyable.”

Simone Seitz Sales Coordinator Ishida GmbH

“I enjoy my weekly English lesson as it is a good chance to practise and improve my English.
Ildiko is a pleasant character and teacher and is able to prepare individual lessons. In total very helpful and beneficial. Thank you for this!”


I couldn’t imagine a better English learning process. Professional teacher and a very nice person. Every lesson is different, well prepared to keep it exciting and challenging. Besides that, it’s a pleasure to talk to Ildiko about everything (religion or environment, politics or women’s rights, business or psychology ). If I could, I would have had lessons every day.


I chose Ildiko as my teacher to improve especially my speaking and writing skills for the TOEFL-Test. We had 25 lessons and I can definitely say that I have improved a lot. Ildiko is always well prepared for each lesson and can directly recognize as well as address your weaknesses. Moreover, she was motivated and friendly in every lesson and gave only constructive critique. Added to her great variety of materials and her yearslong experience she is the perfect way to advance your language skills. Ildiko, it was a pleasure to be your student! Big recommendation and five stars!


I’ve been taking lessons with Ildiko since a few months. The lessons are very well organized, productive, and professional. I highly recommend Ildiko as a professional English teacher. She is very patient and friendly and explains everything clearly. Ildiko encourages me to do my best during lessons and corrects my mistakes when necessary. I’ll continue to take lessons with her 🙂


Ildiko helped me to prepare for a Workshop. She always had my goal in mind an helped me to feel much more comfortable with speaking english. She is very friendly and professional und used to business context. Sometimes it was even like a Coaching and sometimes like a chat with a friend … all this perfektly matched my needs. When I wanted to go deeper she always had some additional material for me to work with. I will continue to learn english with Ildiko after the workshop … even if that was not the plan at the beginning :-).


Ildiko is a very professionnal English teacher and a very friendly and enthusiastic person. She always adapts to the needs of the student and does her best to help the student achieve their target. I really enjoyed every lesson with her and I highly recommend her as an English teacher !


If you looking for a tutor who is friendly, proficient as an English teacher with very good German language skills, someone who is endeavoured and interested in you and your learning targets, someone who is funny, enthusiastic and patient, then Ildiko is the right person for you! I’ve enjoyed every lesson with her.


Ildiko is not only an extremely professional and supportive teacher, but also amazing interlocutor and very friendly, kind and intelligent person.
Ildiko is always attentive to me and my study needs, and it seems that she prepares for each lesson more than I do)

In addition to improving my language skills, we are working on very interesting topics that broaden my horizons. At all the lessons I feel confident to learn more and more!

Definitely, Ildiko is the best teacher that I’ve ever had! Highly recommend everyone who wants to improve their English!