Improve Your Business English

Does your business English need a boost?
Are you looking for your own private native speaker teacher?
Do you want to focus on exactly what you need?

Your first 20 minutes with Advance Business English Coaching is completely free. During this time we will discuss your business English needs and ambitions. I will assess your level and you will have the opportunity to see if I am the right teacher for you.

I will then tailor your future sessions to you and your individual requirements. If you go on to purchase one of the packages I offer, I can design a course customised perfectly for your success.
We can focus on the specific skills you need, be they speaking, listening, reading or writing and concentrate on accuracy or fluency work if required.

Many business people want to enhance their skills in:
small talk and socialising
giving presentations
participating and chairing meetings email writing
grammatical accuracy
use of idiomatic language
diplomacy and politeness
technial descriptions

Whatever your communication needs with clients, customers, colleagues, suppliers or partners are, we work on what is important to you.